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Category Is... Derry, Northern Ireland!

Those 9 pints of Guinness felt like a great idea the previous afternoon/evening but I was feeling a certain way as my N.I Railways train pulled out of Botanic Station for N.I's Derry! No, I didn't need to take my passport with me because I wasn't going to pull a 'Nadine Coyle!' Derry, I'm not a Gemini! Derry successfully looked after me for the day, serving many surprises! Yes, indeed! Wanting to make the most of my final day spent in Northern Ireland, I took the train from Botanic Station in Belfast to Derry's own terminus. N.I Railways came through for me once again with a standard return fare, no price hikes or nasty surprises ensured I departed stress free on the 07:15 service out of Belfast. The scenery that I passed on the train had me fed for the entirety of the journey, in my opinion I had the best seats on the train! Calling at 11 stations, the journey from Belfast to Derry took me around 2 hours with stops in places such as; Ballarena, Ballymoney,

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